​     Are you a CEO fed up with high costs?

   Or, a Senior seeking a perfect place to retire?

    Or, are you a tourist looking for new and interesting places?

​  Lawrence County, Tennessee;  is your solution!

Corporate CEOs looking for a business friendly location, Lawrence County Tennessee is naturally worth serious consideration.

Spend some time and contact a few of the industries here to get their reasons for choosing Lawrence County. We are confident

you will quickly learn Southern Hospitality is alive and well in Lawrence County, Tennessee. Or better still, you can fly here directly.   The Lawrenceburg/Lawrence County Airport accommodates corporate jets and is conveniently located near downtown


Your options are a Red Carpet Treatment, or you can request a low profile unpublicized tour with hosts of your choice, or you are

naturally free to sneak in and just look around on your own.  You are welcome to begin here and connect with the keeper of this site for any information and/or assistance;  James Allen Whitehead, aka; ShoalCreekSage@aol.com  Phone: 931 766-5075

Lawrenceburg, the County Seat, population around 11,000 is centrally located, State Highways 64 and 43 intersect near town center. Hwy 43 is four lanes north and south, Hwy 64 is four lanes east and west. Lawrenceburg is 77 miles south of Nashville, 150 miles west of Chattanooga, 164 miles east of Memphis and only 40 miles north of  The mighty Tennessee River and the Tri-Cities in North Alabama(Florence, Tuscumbia, and Muscle Shoals). The big river cranks out major power from two area dams allowing the TVA(Tennessee Valley Authority) to provide all the utilities any corporation will ever need from Lawrenceburg Utility System.

Here in Lawrence County we are extremely proud of our exceptional public school system, a successful tech school focused on

prominent workplace skills. Columbia State College extension is presently a two year college with plans to become a four year facility in the near future.

Lawrence County Tennessee is known for a variety of factors, deep roots in Early American History and way, way back to the prominent Native Indian Tribes, primarily Cherokee and Creek. David Crockett was a prominent resident and Founder of The City of Lawrenceburg. You'll see his Identity all over the area, David Crockett Statue on the South side of the Lawrenceburg Public Square. There's Crockett Community, Crockett School, Crockett Street, and Historic Crockett Theater.  There's David Crockett State Park, one of the most visited parks in Tennessee. It provides scenic settings throughout with interesting walking trails, a lake for water activity like boating and fishing. The park has numerous Camp sites and apartments lakeside, an olympic size pool, a restaurant , Tennis Court, and there are annual events like David Crockett Days celebrating early settler life.  

Below there's a slide presentation that shows much of the exisiting industry in Lawrence County.  As we develop this site we will

attempt to provide additional pages of our communities, the Historic Sites, and events that celebrate the good life  here in Lawrence County,  Tennessee.  We hope you will follow our progress here and perhaps be inspired to take a look at all we offer.

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​Lawrence County Tennessee is one of the most Historic areas in America.

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Lawrence County,  Tennessee, USA

  Lawrence County, Tennessee

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This crime is now a Class A Misdermeanor in Tennessee.
State of Tennessee
Legislative Update from
Senator Joey Hensley, MD


Consumers / Spoofing -- State Senators gave final approval this week to legislation that creates a consumer protection violation for someone who employs caller identification (ID) spoofing technology with the intent to defraud or cause harm to another person, or to wrongfully obtain anything of value.  Spoofing technology allows a person, when making a call or sending a text message, to change the number so that it appears on the recipient’s caller ID that it is different from the one that is actually being used.  It is often used as part of an attempt to trick someone into giving away valuable personal information so it can be used in fraudulent activity or sold illegally.  Senate Bill 511 creates a Class A misdemeanor for spoofing, as well as allowing for spoofing victims and the state’s Attorney General to pursue civil actions against offenders. 

You May Contact Senator Hensley at:
309 War Memorial Building
Nashville TN 37243
Toll Free 1-800-449-8366 ext. 13100
Fax 615-253-0231
855 Summertown Highway
Hohenwald TN 38462
Phone 931-796-2018
Cell Phone 931-212-8823
E-mail: sen.joey.hensley@capitol.tn.gov