This slide show features Baptist Churches 

Pentecostal and Independent 

Churches in Lawrence County, Tennessee

         The slide photos above were taken in sequence over seven consecutive days; showing the construction of The Gum Springs Missionary             Baptist Church. The project was organized by church member, Barry Doss. who is an active member of the well known organization,                   Carpenters for Christ.  


                   A gathering of Givers called 'Carpenters for Christ'
                                                                                              THEIR MISSION IS CLEARLY STATED:

   "We are among the thousands of volunteers who answer the call each year to assist a construction need for the Lords work, going anywhere in the world. We         begin our work at home, in our church, our community, in our state and in our nation. We attempt to build the body of Christ world wide through physically               constructing orphanages, shelters and worship centers.
    We are an organization of volunteer men and women committed to Jesus Christ. We pray that every person going on mission trips have made that                         commitment, and if not, they will have the opportunity to do so before they return home.
    We are not sponsored by nor do we receive any financial aid from any particular church or religious denomination. We come from many different faiths and           work in unity and cooperation with established mission organizations. Each person is responsible for his/her own finances for the trip.
    Our only asset is that we are just ordinary men and women who are available to our Lord to be used in any way He wants. We firmly believe that our Lord is           more interested in our availability than our ability. If we make ourselves available God will grant unto us the ability to do His work. Some of our volunteers are         construction men by trade. However, the majority of us come from different professions such as mechanics, farmers, teachers, housewives, doctors, lawyers,         electricians, pastors, plumbers and many others.
    God can use any person who is willing to be used. Knowing that, and because we are in the spotlight as we travel around the world, our expectations of team         members are very high. It is not permissible to use any form of alcohol or tobacco on a mission trip at any time, even while traveling. Each person is expected       to maintain the highest scriptural standards during the trip. If some action is questionable, don’t do it!"



   This page is in the process of posting photos in the slideshows below of all the Churches located in Lawrence  

    County, Tennessee.  We have attempted to have the churches appear in Alphabetical Order according to

   Denomination.  We began with Baptists, we've added three Catholic and about thirty Church of Christ churches.

   There's one Jehovah's Witnesses, one LDS, and several Methodists.  There are numerous Church of God,

   Pentecostal, Independents, and a Seventh Day Adventists.  We hope to update the photos as we go forward with          more relative information such as names and addresses with listed days and times of The Church Services.

  The Christian population is aging and shrinking.  The Christians need an outreach to the youth in America without

  which we are about one generation away from Catastrophic Consequences. It was a Jew, Michael Savage, the

  controversial radio talk show host that boldly stated in the late nineties that; "America's very survival depends on

  The Christians. There is nothing else that can save our country."  Without an all out Unified Christian Movement,           America is doomed!"  Therefore, give your children the greatest gift they will ever receive, a Spiritual Foundation

  anchored in Biblical Principles readily available within the vast number of Churches here in Lawrence County,

  Tennessee, USA;  and certainly all those thousands of others across America. Our present and future generations         need to understand what is at stake, Freedom itself!!!  


These include Catholic followed by Church(s) of Christ 

This page is new and still under construction,  We are making a constant effort to expand all the pages on this site; in order to provide visitors all aspects of life in Lawrence County, Tennessee, USA.  

These include LDS, Jehovah's Witness, and Methodist