We Remember Louis Ruhlander . . . . . .

  Below is a vintage copy of The Democrat-Union showing an airplane crash here in Lawrence County.   The plane

  owned by the pilot Louis Ruhlander, the man who built the majestic Crockett Theatre back in 1950. We hope to find

  more history on Mr. Ruhlander and publish it on ShoalCreekSage.com Web Site.  We need old photos, newspaper

  clips, and especially any personal recollections from people that knew Mr. Ruhlander.

  Email to:ShoalCreekSage@aol.com. Put Ruhlander in the subject line so we will recognize the mail instantly. We

  know he survived the crash since it happened in 1939, he built the Crockett Theatre eleven years later.  His name   is not visible anywhere in or around The Crockett Theatre and many local folks think it should be.  Perhaps this

  circumstance is a great example of the need for more emphasis on local history in order that the present and

  later generations will be more appreciative of those in the past that helped shaped our County and beyond.  

  Mr Ruhlander's vision and contribution to the importance of Culture and Arts of Lawrence County have been

  overlooked for far too long.  In childhood we knew him, we saw him every time we went to a movie at his

  old Princess Theater on The Square.  And later we'd see him at The all new Crockett Theatre greeting folks as           they lined up to buy tickets.  He'd have a cigar clamped in his teeth, well dressed in a suit, or colorful sport coat,         and always a dress shirt and tie. His presence made going to the movies a pleasure and gave us a feeling of

  being truly appreciated and welcome.


​​​​​​​​​THE ​Historic Crockett Theatre

When the Glenn Miller Orchestra begins to play:

we suddenly sense Glenn Miller is in the building..

   The Glenn Miller Orchestra Always Welcome to Revisit Historic Crockett Theatre 

Audiences all over the world grow wherever this legendary orchestra performs as more and more younger fans are exposed to the music of the Greatest Generation; the most memorable era of all time; when War and Big Bands were common place.  A time when the music contributed mightily to American Morale; when the tremendous sounds they produced brought comfort and joy daily over the radio and on old 78 r.p.m. records. We feel those days gone by through the dedication of the present day Glenn Miller Orchestra Members that travel back to the future making sure that Glenn Miller's music lives on.  Thank you Lawrence County for ever increasing crowds at The Historic Crockett Theatre when The Glenn Miller Orchestra comes to town. WE HOPE THEY WILL BE BACK SOON . . . . .


 Watch this space for Details of events upcoming at The Historic Crockett Theatre in Lawrenceburg, TN, USA - Tickets Online at: Lawrenceburgtn.gov​​

 ​​When the Glenn Miller Orchestra begins to play:

 we suddenly sense Glenn Miller is in the building. 


Louis Ruhlander Built the Crockett Theatre back in 1950 at a time when

the one-eyed Monster Television was in its infancy and was not yet a

threat to Newspapers or Hollywood Movie Studios.  That status was

short-lived, by the mid-fifties the vast majority of living rooms in America

were designed around the 'snowey and grainey' black and white TV set. Crockett Theatre would be among the thousands of Movie Theaters with

a shrinking audience.

Fortunately a few citizens here in Lawrence County Tennessee refused to

have their grand theater bulldozed in the name of progress, they inspired

restoration and preservation of The Crockett Theatre assuring a bright

future that could have easily been a major disaster which would have 

only been realized decades later . . . . . .