Fred Thompson's death has naturally received world-wide media coverage due to his achievements.  It will be here in Lawrence

    County, Tennessee, that Fred Thompson's time on Earth will be most remembered and cherished; Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, is

    where Fred Thompson grew up and that attachment places him among a lineage of other historic figures from our little corner of

    the world that made major contributions to America and beyond.  The effort here is to chronicle as best we can the life and times

    of Fred Thompson.

​    A good beginning is the coverage in the Wednesday, November 4th edition of The Lawrence County Advocate. We have included

    The Advocate's Front Page Headline with a portion of  LaShawn Baxter's front page article. This particular edition of The Advocate

    is a major contribution to providing a physical record of a major historical span of time; an item to be safely kept and handed down       to the coming generations to be inspired and encouraged;  helping them to realize by setting high goals, with hard work,  and a

    little bit of luck, anything is possible!

  The photo on the left shows a portion of the crowd on The Lawrenceburg Town Square the day the Statue of David

  Crockett was unveiled back in the early 1900s - The photo on the right shows a portion of the crowd on the

  Lawrenceburg Town Square the day Fred Thompson came home to Lawrenceburg in 2008 to announce he was

  running for the highest office in the land, President of The United States.  

  Each of these events attracted record crowds as reflected in the photos.  There is no estimate of the number of people

  at the earlier unveiling of The David Crockett Statue, although the 2008 Fred Thompson crowd easily exceeded ten

  thousand which is about 25 percent of the entire population of Lawrence County, Tennessee.  Many people had to

  park over a half mile away and walk to the Town Square.  It is unlikely there will ever be as many people gathered in

  Downtown Lawrenceburg until Providence blesses us with another from among us to equal the fame of David Crockett

  or Fred Thompson.  However, the odds of that happening here in Lawrence County at some point is more likely than

  not.   Meanwhile, there's lots of information about Fred Thompson on wikipedia which provides biographical notes           relative to his life - 

       Tennessee Members Introduce Bill;


          Name The Nashville Federal Courthouse In Honor Of Fred Thompson

    NASHVILLE TENNESSEAN -  Thursday, September 22, 2016

   Senators Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker, along with Representatives Diane Black, Marsha Blackburn, Steve Cohen, Scott DesJarlais, John J. Duncan, Jr., Stephen              Fincher, Chuck Fleischmann, and Phil Roe on Thursday introduced a bill to name the new Nashville federal courthouse in honor of former Senator Fred Thompson. 

   Senator Alexander said: “Fred Thompson was one of Tennessee’s most celebrated public figures. After graduating from Vanderbilt University law school, he served in            Nashville as Assistant United States Attorney. In 1973, Sen. Howard Baker named him minority counsel in the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In 1994, Tennesseans            elected him United States Senator. He was an actor in more than 20 movies. It is appropriate to name the new federal courthouse in honor of Fred’s distinguished career as    an attorney, Senate investigator, and United States Senator.”

   Senator Corker said: “Fred Thompson served the people of Tennessee and our country with great distinction. Through his many different roles in public life, Fred never          forgot where he came from, and our state and country miss his common sense approach to public service. I was proud to call him a friend and am pleased to join my              colleagues to honor his life in this way.”

   Rep. Black said: “Fred Thompson was a statesman who led with conviction, and he was a visionary who helped turn our state into the conservative success story that it is        today. Tennessee shines brighter because of Fred Thompson’s service. This courthouse will serve as a worthy tribute to his enduring legacy.”

   Rep. Blackburn said: “Fred D. Thompson had a long career in public service beginning with his work with Sen. Howard Baker.  He was dedicated to first principles and            conservative values. He went to school in Lawrence County, which is in my district, and the people there appreciate the contributions he made. Naming this federal                  courthouse to honor him is a great way to show our respect for his commitment to the people of Tennessee.  I will be filing the companion legislation in the House and look      forward to working with my colleagues to get it passed.”

   Rep. Cohen: “Fred Thompson served the United States and the state of Tennessee with distinction for 8 years in Congress. I was present when the National Conference of    State Legislatures awarded him the Restoring the Balance Award for his dedication to federalism. For Fred, it was not a political or campaign issue, it was his philosophy.        He was a proud graduate of the University of Memphis and the only U of M grad to ever serve in the U.S. Senate. Despite our political differences, Fred was always                encouraging to me and I valued our friendship. He led an eclectic life from his time as an outstanding congressional staffer during the Watergate hearings and as a fine          attorney, actor, and public servant. His was a life very well lived.”

   Rep. DesJarlais said: “From working as a young attorney highlighting corruption in the White House and Tennessee’s governor’s mansion, to being a familiar face on              movies and television, to serving our state as a United States Senator, Fred Thompson will always be known as a favorite son of Tennessee.  His service will be a part of        the rich history of our state, and I am happy to join my colleagues in supporting this initiative.”

   Rep. Duncan said: “Fred Thompson was a strong, independent voice for Tennessee and somebody for whom I had great admiration and respect.  Even though he                  achieved great national prominence, he never forgot his Tennessee roots.”

   Rep. Fincher said: “I am proud to recognize Fred Thompson as a great public servant and great Tennessean. As a prominent figure he never strayed from his small-town      Tennessee values and always conducted himself with integrity. This federal courthouse will serve as a testament to his lifetime pursuit of justice and as an inspiration for          those who walk in his footsteps.”

   Rep. Fleischmann said: “Senator Thompson had an incredible career as a U.S. attorney, columnist, actor, and legislator.  Most importantly, however, he was a proud              Tennessean and I’m pleased that a Federal Courthouse could soon bear his name.”

   Rep. Roe said: “Senator Thompson rose from humble beginnings to national prominence through hard work and perseverance. Fred dedicated much of his life to serving        the state of Tennessee and this great country, and I am proud to join the Tennessee delegation to honor the memory of a great man I was lucky to call a friend.”

   Full funding for construction of the new Nashville federal courthouse was provided by Congress last year in the fiscal year 2016 Omnibus Appropriations bill, which was            approved by both the House of Representatives and the Senate in December of 2015. The new courthouse will be constructed by the General Services Administration and      will be located at 719 Church Street.

   Fred Thompson was first elected to the United States Senate in 1994 and served as a Senator from the State of Tennessee until 2003.  Sen. Thompson graduated from          Memphis State University in 1964 and Vanderbilt University School of Law in 1967.  He also served as an Assistant United States Attorney in the State of Tennessee before    serving as minority counsel to the Senate Watergate Committee in 1973. Sen. Thompson passed away on Nov. 1, 2015.

   The legislation introduced today will now be considered by the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee and the House Transportation and Infrastructure                    Committee.Type your paragraph here.

 There's more to come on the life and times of Fred Thompson. Visit this site often for updates