"I am not . . . . 

  Politically cORreCt. . . .

  Never have been . . . .

  Don't plan to be . . . ."

Jimmy Moore


     Many of my friends and readers ask me all kinds of questions about my column.  First, I am not politically correct, never have been, don’t plan to be.  I                 suppose I am closer to a patriot than a Democrat or Republican. It’s simply the way I feel, believe, and the way I think.  If I am unsure about things of this           nature, I research until I can say that’s the way it is. For example, I cannot assume a politician’s position on any given subject is correct if he has to tout his       party’s line.  Most of the time, the two parties are on opposite sides of the same topic; how can both be correct?  I have friends who are politicians. I do not

     want them to tell me what I think or believe about anything.  I am definitely an American. 

    Most stories are about my life or all I should tell about it.  The stories are for a book entitled “The Invisible Threads” that I have worked on for 40 years. It’s      not easy to write your own life; give it a try - it is eye-opening.  In my reflections, I cannot help being concerned about this country and how everything is            politicized.  The following are a few of the things that keep me up at night.

    Political Correctness: Some of my stories are about things that occur in the life of the American people concerning the friends and enemies of what we hold      dear in our hearts, our Freedoms. I hope I can explain how I feel about things that are dividing us and damaging the hope of keeping our freedoms.                      Political     correctness is the weapon that divides us, our families, our country and the world. It makes us separate ourselves into rooms that have no                  doors,  no secret       passwords, no roadmaps; only small groups of lost souls who are waiting for someone to tell them what to believe like one sheep in a          herd following some         person wherever he leads.  I have written many articles about looking for and finding the truth. I strongly suggest you search until      your heart tells you that       you are on the right path politically correct or not.  Once you seek and think for yourself, you will be free and know the truth.

   Socialism: I never thought I would see the day when an avowed socialist would be running for office in this country. We actually have more than one this           next go-round.  The people supporting socialism regardless of their age do not know what they are talking about. Visit Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, etc. It hasn’t     worked any place it has been tried.

   Climate Change: One of the most damaging political lies ever told to the American people is climate change.  To research this for yourself, read the climate       analysis of scientist Peter Temple, one of the many scientists not subsidized by the government or backed by the Associated Press.  It is based on the 100 to       170 year cycle the earth has followed since time began; simply saying that from one ice age to the next ice age is a normal cycle and is not a threat to the               earth.  It is scientific but not that hard to understand once you grasp that the earth revolves around the sun while the earth rotates at the same time. The           same spots on earth are not always nearest the sun or in the same sequence since the path and the rotation are changing over each season’s cycle that                 accounts for temperature differences.  Read it, you will enjoy this as he so skillfully reveals the truth about our earth.

   September 11, 2001: Why do I feel the way I do about muslims?  First, I was at 9/11 for the first ten days after the barbaric attack and I know that everyone         connected to this violence on America was a muslim: the pilots, the planners, and the financiers. In some schools, for example New York, American                     children are told never to say “9/11” as it upsets the Islamic children. Some young people are already being affected, as they cover their hair as if wearing a       hijab, taking part in muslim protests and displaying signs of support. After 9/11, I saw the video of muslims as they danced on a nearby New York rooftop           while shouting “Death to America” as the towers fell in the background.  I say “Never Forget!”

   Read their holy book for yourself. Their plan is to infiltrate, make friends, work their way into our lives and our government, and slowly make changes in         our education system, our belief; teach our children their language, their belief, and remove God from our schools, our institutions and our Pledge of                 Allegiance.  They are taught to convert us if possible, knowing they cannot denounce Allah as the penalty for that is death. They will continue infiltration           until they become half of our population allowing them to vote themselves into high political offices.  Their goal is One World Religion and One World                 Government.  They will continue to practice jihad or terrorism against the West plus support and push for open borders as well as escalating the race war         between black and white. Frankly, we are feeding right into everything they are pushing for with the political in-fighting plus electing muslims into the U.S.     Congress.

   Drug Problems: I feel very strongly about America’s drug problem.  You may recall my earlier column about interviewing Pablo Escobar in the 1990’s. He         admitted shipping several tons of cocaine to Florida every month. When I asked him who would have enough money to invest in such huge drug shipments,     he stated the investors are some of America’s wealthiest people, corporation executives, and politicians.  (This may help explain the various connections in       a recent $1 billion shipment of cocaine federal authorities seized from a cargo ship, the MSC Guayane, at the Port of Philadelphia.  The ship is owned by             client assets in a transportation strategy fund run by JPMorgan Chase who has no operational control of the ship.) Escobar also mentioned the cut to these       investors is very large, several million dollars a ton, and they never have to touch it. 

   Escobar put American’s drug problem squarely on drug users. As a business man, he said they ship where the market is. In his own words, he made drugs         for stupid people.  In our discussion, he expressed that rehab is a big waste of money because it rarely works.  Addiction recovery rates for popular 12 Step       groups may be as low as 5-10%, according to Dr. Lance Dodes, the author of The Sober Truth: Debunking the Bad Science Behind 12-Step Programs and the       Rehab Industry. 

   Think about it! The Cartels make millions from drugs and have for years; now they make almost that much off of human trafficking. Let’s not forget they           are assisting terrorists across our borders and allowing them to have Islamic training centers in the area near our borders. The newest surprise to add to         all that is besides raping the children and women and sometimes killing them as they lead them to our border, they now are harvesting body parts of many       they kill to be sold on the black market. 

   Illegals and Their Children: Everyone is all upset about the children that we are told are separated from their parents. Sometimes they are separated from       their parents when they leave on the journey to the U.S because of the smugglers (Cartel) who load the busses (I cannot reveal the busses owners!)  It is also     true that some immigrants buy children to make it easier to cross the border pretending to be a family. 

   We must block the borders because too many illegals are coming into this country; lately 5,000 a day are crossing.  The Border Patrol and ICE have to                  spend too much time babysitting and along with “catch and release” their job seems non-productive even to them.  Their job deserves the greatest respect;        just as our law enforcement, they are laying their life on the line on every call plus there are threats to their families. 

   The word “Illegal” needs to be simply defined to Americans who obviously don’t know the definition. The illegal kids and families must be returned to their      homes; I know it sounds wrong to some people but, as we have learned over and over, we cannot be the baby-sitters for the world nor the policemen of the        world. We can’t build houses, give free healthcare, driver’s licenses, cell phones, cash to live on, clothing, to illegal immigrants.  We cannot afford it. We            are not even helping our own with those things. 

   The Biased Media: One thing that really makes me mad is we are being fed lies every day, over and over, from many different people and groups of people.       You get it from much of the media and from our divided government. Let me explain that it’s not our whole government: it’s the old saying about a few               “Rotten Apples!” This thing about disrespecting our President has gone on too long and has turned into an attempted senseless, embarrassing, illegal coup       that has cost too much money.

   My Adventure Stories:  My adventure stories are true events with a few exceptions. My stories are read and altered by my contract commander. Things that     may be changed are: time and dates of an event or mission; real names of the team members that I served with; actual locations of the missions; anything         considered confidential, classified, secret plus actual agency names; some aircraft type; injuries and damages incurred; type of weapons; surveillance                 equipment type and a few things I cannot mention.  It is sometimes difficult to write with these restrictions.  Stories used in my column and later in my               book must follow the above rules.  My contractor said if I failed to do this I might end up in front of a congressional investigating committee (laughing) and       could end up with a best seller! He is an excellent commander and good friend but I didn’t think that last comment was funny.

   My surveillance work began in 1964 as on-call assignments to select agencies and no one knew about it until September 11, 2001 except my wife. I plan to           retire September 11, 2020.  


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